17 December 2008

SCSNI - Passed

Just went to Prometric website and got the information that I passed the SCSNI, Sun Certified Specialist NetBeans IDE.

Was really tiring exam and I am very relieved that I passed it since I went to Helsinki, there was no exam appointments here in Tampere, and of course it was a beta exam meaning FREE ;).

But anyway I posted my notes and few links I found through the web related to this exam in this blog. Hope that it can help someone that might need.

I am still studying for SCBCD, using NB of course, I hope will be trying next year close to february (as part of my new years resolution).

After this one I'm much in doubt in what to do next. Have been thinking about some IBM certification or Microsoft ones. Database related would be nice to have.

Opinions, suggestions feel free to send me. :)